What It's Like to Travel to Hawaii Right Now | Tips for visiting a busy Hawaii in 2021

What It's Like to Travel to Hawaii Right Now | Tips for visiting a busy Hawaii in 2021

Traveling to Hawaii has just made a step-change. A vaccine passport program is starting and the islands are starting to get crowded again. Here is your April 2021 update from two Maui residents who island-hop.

What is it like to travel to #Hawaii right now? What is open? Is there enough to do on your Hawaii vacation?

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Official Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing Program website:


Our Step-by-Step Video on How to Complete Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing Program is included in our $27 Maui and $27 Oahu itineraries.

Best Hawaii Itineraries

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What’s Open in Hawaii

Great deals on car rentals and no pre-payment required:

What Is It Like to Travel to Hawaii Right Now?
00:00 Intro
00:20 Update on Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing Program
02:13 What is Hawaii like once you arrive?
03:35 Tips for traveling to Hawaii right now
05:00 What is the vibe in Hawaii like right now?

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Hawaii Tourism Authority: https://www.hawaiitourismauthority.org/

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