Weather and Road Condition in Norway – Travel guide & tips

Weather and Road Condition in Norway - Travel guide & tips

Traveler with caravan or on motorhomes might meet closed roads on mountain paths or heavy weather conditions, but such situations can be avoided by proper route planning and check of your route in advance!

In this video we offer to use Google Maps route planning tools with adjustment to the time of you actual road trip and use of Norwegian Public Roads Authority website Map:

On this map you will find information about closed roads fro winter period, maintenance, repair works or formation of a convoy with an escort vehicle.

For an additional assessment of the weather, we recommend visiting the website:

Accurate weather forecasts in Norway by going to the website of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute:

Keep traveling and enjoy Norway!

00:00 – Intro video
00:26 – Closed roads for winter period
00:44 – Route planning with Google Maps with seasonal adjustments
01:07 – How to figure out closed roads on your route
01:50 – Escort with convoy car
02:17 – Weather and road conditions
02:57 – Weather stations and traffic cameras
03:14 – Toll roads and ferry crossings on the map
03:23 – Weather assessment at
03:41 – Weather forecast in Norway at
04:04 – Video outro

About us:
We are traveling across Norway with caravan Hymer Eriba Troll 530 Rockabilly. On our Youtube channel we post videos from our road trips and drone videos from most beautiful places in Norway.

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Filmed and edited by Olga & Dmitry Shafran
Filmed by DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone, Iphone 12Pro + DJI OSMO mobile 4, Nikon Z7
Edited with Final Cut Pro X.

Music from Epidemic Sound:
Journeyman Road – Farrell Wooten

Date: 29.03.2021


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