Travel Guide – Backpacking through Southern Italy

Travel Guide - Backpacking through Southern Italy

Backpacking is a fantastic way to explore new destinations, especially for adventure sport enthusiasts and for those on a budget. Here at Good Neighbor Insurance,, we’re passionate about bringing you the best information and keeping you safe on all of your travels. Today we’re diving into the backpacking travel trend and discussing one of our favorite destinations: Italy.

Many backpackers adventure through northern Italy and the alps, however those limited trails miss the majestic beauty and rich history of southern Italy. To begin your journey, we recommend landing by plane at the international airport in Rome. From there you can spend several days exploring the Forum & ruins, notable churches & basilicas, and even the Vatican. While near Rome we highly recommend visiting the Appian way- considered one of the first main paved travel routes in the world! The next destination we love on this trek is Naples.

Known for being the birthplace of Pizza, Naples has many “secret” pathways designed for the traveler on foot to explore. After grabbing a slice, it’s time to head down to Pompeii. With some of the best-preserved ruins in the world, Pompeii offers an unparalleled peek into the lifestyles of ancient romans before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Sicily, the island off the coast of Italy is the southernmost destination on this adventure, and we recommend staying in the charming city of Palermo. In Sicily you can explore the most active volcano in Europe, and enjoy the relaxed pace of local life with a leisurely bowl of pasta near the sea.

Finally, back on the main land we love the destination of Bari. One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, the architecture will take your breath away. After you’re done wandering the streets, go down to the caves by the coast to see some exciting surprises!

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