Tourist Travel Guide to North Pakistan 2021 || English

Tourist Travel Guide to North Pakistan 2021 || English

This is a tourist travel guide to North Pakistan in 2021 narrated in English by Mashal Khan Balti. This tourist guide to north pakistan in 2021 will help all the international travellers 2021 who are travelling to Pakistan in 2021, understand, all the beautiful locations guide to Pakistan in 2021 / beautiful location guide to Gilgit Baltistan 2021.

Pakistan – Country in south Asia is known for it’s diverse topographic ranges, natural beauties and and Pakistani Ethnicities. Unlike North Korea, its a very huge region and North Pakistan region also known as Gilgit Baltistan is one of the regions of Pakistan famous because of tourism and it’s beautiful discovered and undiscovered tourist spots.
The journey is started from Lahore, Punjab to the Capital City of Islamabad, from there you can decide to either choose to go by air in a Pakistan International Airline Plane (PIA from ISB to SKD) or you can go by road. Even by road either you can go from Islamabad to Abbottabad and Islamabad to Mansehra from the new Hazara motorway, inaugurated by our Prime Minister Imran Khan a few years before. You can then stay at Naran or go directly through Bisham and Chillas. In skardu you will get to visit many places mentioned below in the itinerary
1. Islamabad
2. Abbottabad
3. Mansehra
4. Naran
5. Bisham
6. Chillas.
7. Gilgit.
8. Juglot
9. Rongdu
10. Tormik
11. Basho Forest
12. Shangrilla
13. Upper Lake
14. Skardu
15. Khaplu
16. Chorbat Valley
17. Machlu Valley
18. Shigar
19. Cold Desert
20. Saling Lake

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