Shimla – The Old Fashioned Way [4K] (not a travel guide)

Shimla - The Old Fashioned Way [4K] (not a travel guide)

What this isn’t: A travel guide to Shimla
What it is: A mini mood-board of how Shimla “feels” to a native
What it can be used for: Entertainment, invoking nostalgia & maybe as a starting point of how to REALLY enjoy this town.

A big hug to my Suzuki Brezza (shod with Apollo tyres) who carried me effortlessly through some atrocious roads while shooting this video. She and her shoes truly are #badroadbuddies

P.S. – With no thanks to the administration of Indian Institute of Advanced Studies & Summer Hill Railway Station. Both of them wouldn’t allow me to capture absolute picture postcard perfect locations, without which this video is incomplete indeed.


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