Old Silk Route Sikkim 2020 | East Sikkim travel guide | Silk route Sikkim tourism | সিল্ক রুট সিকিম

Old Silk Route Sikkim 2020 | East Sikkim travel guide | Silk route Sikkim tourism | সিল্ক রুট সিকিম

Silk route Sikkim tourism | Old Silk Route Sikkim | East Sikkim travel guide | East Sikkim video guide | Nathang valley tour video | Silk route tour package | Silk route tour home stay | Old silk route car details | Old silk route tour permit

What is silk route in Sikkim?
Silk route is the old trade route between India with China.

How do I get a permit for Silk Route?
For silk route permit you need to download permit form from Sikkim Tourism website. Fill up the form and submit it to Sikkim tourism office.

What is the best time to visit Silk Route?
October-November is ideal time to watch Mount Kanchenjunga. If you would like to enjoy snow then December-January is ideal time but during winter most of the places remain closed due to heavy snowfall.

What is the plan for Silk Route?
Day1: NJP to Reshikhola
Day2: Reshikhola to Zuluk
Day3: Zuluk to Lumthung
Day4: Lumthung to Gnathang
Day5: Gnathang to Gangtok

If you have breathing problem or asthma then avoid Gnathang valley.

For permit car and Package call: Anil 8389852670
Lumthung Eco Retreat Home Stay: 8900576830
Kolkata to Siliguri share car service: 9800083783
Siliguri to Gangtok and other places car service: Gourik Cab Services: 9800083783

Gangtok Travel Guide: https://youtu.be/oudi0U_mumM

Doban Valley Travel Guide:

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