Best Places to Visit in Kyiv, Ukraine – Travel Guide

Best Places to Visit in Kyiv, Ukraine - Travel Guide

Wondering what to see in the heart of Ukraine?

Our Ukrainian guide, Julia, shares her local tips and suggestions for visiting Kyiv.

Kyiv (or Kiev) is one of the oldest capitals in Europe, and one of the most underrated. It’s a fascinating city rich in ancient cathedrals, incredible churches, museums, great cuisine, and warm-hearted people.

There are so many more interesting things to do in Kyiv than a Chernobyl tour. Watch now to find out!

#1 Khreschatyk Street (0:23)
#2 Independence Square – Maidan Nezalezhnosti (0:40)
#3 St. Andrew’s Church – Andriyivs’ka tserkva (0:54)
#4 Landscape Alley – Peizazhna Alley (1:26)
#5 Kyiv Pecherska Lavra Monastery Complex (1:43)
#6 The Motherland Monument – Rodina Mat (2:03)
#7 People’s Friendship Arch – Arka Druzhby Narodiv (2:27)
#8 Puzata Hata Restaurant (2:58)
#9 Saint Sophia’s Square – Sofiivska Square (3:20)
#10 St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery (3:40)
#11 Kyiv Funicular (3:59)
#12 Postal Square – Poshtova Ploshcha(4:08)

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Huge thanks to Julia from & to the Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra ( for their contribution to this video.
Edited by Nick Ignatov.

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