A Christmas Hero

A Christmas Hero

When Nick (Michael Welch) returns from his last tour of duty in Afghanistan he faces so many obstacles he doesn’t know where to turn. He’s separated from his wife and his dream of having children has crumbled. He also stopped going to his VA Hospital visits for PTSD and he’s starting a new job the week of Christmas at an Air Museum. While on the first training tour as a new guide he’s intrigued by a women, Michelle (Lauren Rys Martin), who knows things about his past and also likes to finish his sentences. At the end of the tour the women seems to vanish and Nick heads back to his office to finish his paperwork. His new boss, Troy (Patrick Floch), is a nice enough guy but is trying too hard to help Nick and talk him through his problems and Nick is almost ready to explode. Nick storms out of his office to clear his head. He turns a corner and meets a young intern, Kristen (Cat grey) carrying too many cups of coffee and Nicks asks to help her. She’s heading to the restoration hanger at the Air Museum. At the restoration shop Nick meets many ex Vets who befriend him and they explain that they work mostly as volunteers doing these restorations of old military aircraft to honor the dead of those military personal who fought for our freedom. It’s a touching and very emotional meeting with these men and women. As they all are about to go home the head of the restoration division, Larry, lets them know the grant for the current project didn’t come through and they are terminated on this project immediately and can pack their tools and go home. The men and women are devastated and Nick is almost in tears. He immediately heads home. While Nick is at home he receives a call from his best friend’s father. The father of Ben lets Nick know the devastating news that Ben was just killed in Kabul. Nick hangs up the phone, he can’t take anymore. He downs some medication with his beer and falls asleep. The next morning Nick heads to the Air Museum and is put on his own solo tour as a guide. It’s a group of school children and they immediately raise his spirits a little bit. Nick also sees Michelle from yesterday’s tour back in the group. Michelle again starts finishing his sentences and seems to act familiar with Nick, almost like an old friend. At the end of the tour Nick takes all the kids on a flight simulator. As they say their goodbyes Michelle shows up again. Nicks curiosity gets the best of him and he starts peppering Michelle with questions. Michelle seems to never give Nick a straight answer until she turns to him and says “I’m your Guardian Angel and have been sent to help you through this very rough time”. Nick at first thinks Michelle is a crackpot but then when she follows him to a deserted part of the Museum and continues to tell him key facts of his life he stops in his tracks. Nick is furious and wants to know what she really wants. Michelle tells him that his past and future will unfold tonight and he’ll understand why he matters and to be ready. Nick storms out. After getting home Nick tries to relax and have a peaceful Christmas Eve but is torn up thinking about the death of his best friend and the breakup of his marriage. Nick is awoken from his restless sleep by Michelle who’s standing in his living room and tells him it’s time to travel to watch the good he’s done in his life. Nick and Michelle are instantly transported to the past where Nick watches his marriage to Lynn (Kayla Kelly) and all their happiness in the beginning and then he watches the unraveling of their love and the building of anger between them as Nick suffers from PTSD from his war time service. He watches their separation and his attempted suicide. Nick is in anguish. Michelle transports him to visit his Grandfather and best friend when he was a little boy. His Grandfather’s ghost reminds Nick that he came back from WW2 and leaned on family and friends for support. “You can’t do it alone” says Grand Pa. Finally Michelle transports Nick to a very dar…


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